Monday, October 13, 2014

Comic-style advertising booklet from 1892

This 1892 advertising booklet for The Arlington Company's Phospho-Caffein (sic) Compound (a brain and nerve sedative!) comes complete with 1892-style humor.  Otherwise, it's interesting and kind of fun.  The text, packed with pretend misspellings meant to amuse (1892, remember), is a chore to slough through, but the cartoon-style drawings are a lot of fun, and the interplay between text and image is like nothing I experienced in my Charlton-, Gold Key-, and Dell-reading youth.  (I can't believe I just typed "Charlton-, Gold Key-, and Dell-reading youth.")  An 1892 comic book(let)?  Works for me.

Woefully dated puns, humor the writers at Hee Haw would have rejected as too cornpone, and one long crank-medicine testimonial--what more could you ask for?  Don't thank me--just download without delay.  By the way, caffeine is the #1 worst thing in the world for headaches. Just sayin'.


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