Saturday, October 25, 2014

Cartoons and strips from Delightful Days (D. Lothrop & Co., 1883)

Most of these are stand-alone cartoons, save for the fifth, "In Kite Time." The lone strip--"Wungbasah's Adventures with Mekwaseese"--illustrates a text titled "The Story of Maple Sugar."  I believe the source for all of these was the D. Lothrop children's periodical, Chit Chat.  (Update: At least two of these turn out to be from Wide Awake, also D. Lothrop.)

I had to remove the binding and the spine cloth, since the former was crumbling apart each time I opened the pages for a scan.  The book's interior consists of high-quality magazine paper--in fact, I'm guessing these are actual, bonda fide leftover Chit Chat (or Wide Awake?) issues from the previous year (1882).

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