Thursday, October 30, 2014

"Carlo's Capers," from Mischief and Play (W.B. Conkey Co., 1898)

My Google search turns up 1880 as the year for the Carlo's Capers text (below, by Fannie E. Ostrander), but are the illustrations from the same year?  Don't know, but it's certainly possible, since this Mischief and Play entry has the look of a stand-alone book or booklet.  In fact, Google Books lists a 1880 Carlo's Capers booklet, but its page count was 10, and there are 14 pages here, so this is likely not a reprint thereof.  Dang.  Thought I had it nailed, for a moment.

Like other cheaply bound and printed kiddie collections of its time, W.B. Conkey's Mischief and Play was slapped together with previously published materials, the mix thereof lacking much logic.  Carlo's Capers is one of the many children's picture-and-text combinations from the late 1800s that look, for all the world, like that day's version of a comic book, and it's one of the funnest. The text is very dog-centric, as we'd expect.


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