Friday, November 28, 2014

Three Santa Claus ads from 1885 and 1891, and an 1869 Santa Claus lithorgraph

We start our Christmas posting with two Santa Claus ads from the 1891 Thanksgiving issue of The Youth's Companion.  I had to do a lot of restoring on the cover, which was in two pieces and filled with marks, including a big stain of some kind on the right margin.  Using Paint, I came up with an orange that closely matched the original cover color, and then I liberally filled in around the art and the lettering.

Here are the Santa ads, which were much easier to spruce up:

And we have this somewhat feral-looking Santa advertising Ivory Soap in the Dec. 17, 1885 Youth's Companion:

And... a cool and spooky Christmas Eve lithograph (complete with a charming poem) from the Dec., 1869 issue of The Little Corporal.  I love the way Santa appears to be coming out of the fire (as opposed to landing in it):



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