Saturday, November 22, 2014

More Molno/Tallarico/Colletta/Fraccio speculation. Or, The Mystery of the Elongated Heads.

Last post, I suggested Tony Tallarico or Vince Colletta for the following artwork from Battlefield Action, No. 17 (Dec., 1957).  Checking around (through my comics and on-line), I'm certain it's actually Bill Fraccio:

Could "The Unseen!" (Fightin' Marines, No. 32--Oct., 1959) be Bill Molno on pencils and Fraccio on iks?


If so, why the long head shapes?  Maybe "Remembered Moment!' from Unusual Tales, No. 17 (July, 1959) provides a clue or two.  Here are the long head shapes from the Fightin' Marines story:


And a face (below) that cries out to be credited to Bill Fraccio, no?


And, from Battlefield Action, No. 29 (March, 1960), we have another entry which ties Bill Fraccio (or, at least, the artist I've i.d.'d as Fraccio) with the long head shapes of "The Unseen!" (Are you keeping notes?)  The entry is "Lucky Dogs," and here are some sample faces:

   Same guy.  And, just in time for the final panel, up pop those familiar elongated heads:


This close art-comparison work has given me a headache, so I think I'll sign off for now....


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  1. Lee, Fraccio is a possibility, but I'm not certain.