Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Bill Molno watercolor of Belden and Lewis Islands (Stony Creek, CT), 1991

I won this small Bill Molno watercolor (above) on eBay from a dealer who bought it from the artist in 1991!  It shows Stony Creek, CT's Belden and Lewis Islands, just two of the many Thimble Islands (which number from 100 to 365, according to a NYT piece!).  In 2013, Belden Island went on the market for a mere four million dollars (no idea whether or not it was taken).  Here's a 2013 photo of same:

Belden Island

No doubt, a reasonable asking price for such a lovely private island, though a tad pricey.  I paid considerably less for Molno's rendering.

Here's a nice aerial shot of (some of) the Thimle Islands, year unknown.  I wonder what the whole set would go for?  Enough to purchase Pluto and its moons, no doubt:

Bill lived in Branford, CT, where Stony Creek resides.  The nice eBay dealer described Bill, whom she knew, as "a fixture in the creek."  A pretty ideal spot for a watercolorist, no?  She's checking around to see if she can locate a photograph of Bill, which would be great treat!

Knock on canvas....


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