Sunday, August 10, 2014

1872, 1887, and 1890 magazine ads featuring cartoons with dialogue.

Cool cartoon ads from Wood's Household Magazine, The Youth's Companion, and Wide Awake.  Nine of these, in typical 19th-century fashion, feature dialogue below the panel, while two feature dialogue inside the panel, with the W.L. Douglas $3 shoe ad sporting a dialogue balloon.  The "Samantha at Saratoga" ad features a book excerpt (er, extract) to accompany its cartoon.

All scanned by me from magazines in my collection.

Wood's Household Magazine, August, 1872:

The Youth's Companion, Oct. 13, 1887:

The Youth's Companion, March 3, 1887:

The Youth's Companion, Feb. 17, 1887:

The Youth's Companion, Feb. 3, 1887:

The Youth's Companion, May 5, 1887:

The Youth's Companion, June 2, 1887:

The Youth's Companion, Feb. 24, 1887:

Wide Awake, November, 1890:



  1. The May 5, Youth's Companion art reminds me very much of what would later be the style of coloring books.

  2. Doesn't it, though? Actually, coloring books may already have existed during this period--not sure. Nothing would surprise me! Something for me to look up....