Wednesday, June 25, 2014

The folks of 1908 were soooooo genteel....

Some ads from the November, 1908 Home Life, scanned by your blogger:

   Works better than stabbing yourself in the eye!   Was a young Mario Bava inspired by this?  (Likely not--he wasn't born until 1914.) (Above)

So much for the idea that no one knew smoking was dangerous until Koop pointed it out.... (Above)

What you could get for free back in the day.... (Above)

Indeed--thin cheeks, neck, and arms look totally wrong with a big bust.  Oh, wait, this is 2014.  I mean, those things look perfect with a big bust.  (Above)

"Superior to any other $3 syringe."  Not for use by unmarried women.  (Above)

Too thin?  Maybe she took the remedy in the next ad!

Oddly enough, the issue didn't also run a "Too Medium?" ad cut. (Above)

A quick Google search reveals that "k'hawking and spitting" was a common phrase 100+ years ago, at least in ads.  What's Jimmy Fallon doing in this 1908 ad??? (Above, right)

"Thanks, honey, that was good coffee.  Hold on a minute--I'm no longer a drunkard!" (Above)

"And we can prove it... with this outrageously fake photo!"

Nothing candid, blunt, to-the-point, direct, or frank about these 1908 ads.  Such a refined era would never have allowed such things, especially in a family magazine....


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